The purpose of your event...

It’s often necessary to bring people together to celebrate a whole host of special occasions.
For this, Public Address is a partner you can depend on every step of the way, from the first stages of design to the realisation of your project.
Our first objective: to get to know you and your needs better.

Step 1

the Initial Meeting

The first step: an initial meeting to understand your objectives and challenges.
Together, we’ll define the purpose and objectives of your project by asking the right questions.

Step 2

Idea Generation

Depending on the project objectives, we’ll set up a team of experts dedicated to your specific event.
We’ll draw up our strategic recommendation. This will include a leitmotiv running through the event, a project-relevant creative universe and a fitting concept.
To ensure effective and well-organised collaboration, we’ll work together using regular progress reports.

Step 3

Project Presentation

Once we’ve finished designing your project, we’ll give you an interactive presentation so you can experience your event as if you were actually there.

Step 4


Once the project has been approved, production will start.

  • The content for the event is created: concept, theme, identity, etc.
  • Technical execution begins: choice of location, set design, 3D plans, etc.
  • The project management process continues.
Step 5

Day of the Event

Our Goal: to ensure you enjoy the moment. Designing the event to your specifications was a collaborative task, but on the day, just let us guide you.
Public Address is the conductor of the event, to use a musical term. We’ll check that the project is running smoothly and that all the objectives are being met, and we’ll make any changes if required!

Step 6

The Day After

Measuring the success of the event is an essential step.
For this, we’ll organise a debriefing together: were your objectives achieved with your event? At Public Address, we believe that an event is relevant when it’s part of a sustainable strategy for your business…

who trusted us

For over 20 years, countless clients from varying business sectors (e.g., finance, luxury goods, retail, health, security and public institutions) have chosen to trust us to work with them as real partners.

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